THE MIND: An Endless Expanse

THE MIND: An Endless Expanse

by Rashi Sinha

I read the poster that says “From the Art of Living” and I think that here is one more bowl of spiritual soup. But it wasn’t long before that I realized that how wrong I had been. Clad in a simple kurta-pajama, Rohit Ranjan reflects simplicity. The demeanor in which he spoke and the confidence that he wore, no one could tell that he was a person who had graduated in Mathematics from BHU,Varanasi , earned an MBA from IIM,Bangalore  and was in a prestigious  job when he realized that the money he earned would not bring him true happiness. It was then that he decided to delve into spirituality and now as a faculty of YES!+, the Youth Empowerment and Skills Workshop ,he teaches the power of the mind and addresses youth audiences and conducts seminars in various universities and other reputed institutes in India and abroad.

It seemed, at first, to be a prolonged and monotonous  talk. But on the contrary, Mr. Ranjan was the one who energized us and made us more comfortable. He elaborated on how we have constructed a circle of big radius touching every aspect of our existence on various levels- education, career, relationship and recreation. But amidst balancing all these levels , we have forgotten the centre of this circle-where ‘I’ stand alone. I and my mind ~ that shape my perception. We think that our mind exists in our body built is the body that exists in the space of the mind. There are innumerable thoughts that get processed, innumerable stimuli waiting for a response. It is our mind that directs the confidence level that determines our focus. Our focus in turn cements our actions. And our actions make a difference. Our mind is there where we want it to be. So these are steps that trace to the mind that holds the spectre of power.

Here, Mr. Ranjan evoked a very basic question, something that made everyone ponder- Why do we not study the mind if that is what that is the root of everything around us? That’s when the various life elements enter the sphere- the ego,  emotions, possessions, achievements, pleasures and more. Its various sectors and situations deviate us. And thus the quality of life that depends on the state of the mind deteriorates. We live regretting, we live dreaming but we do not live now, in this very moment. And that is where the deviation comes in. Though I also think, it is unwise to neglect the material progress in the life, so maintaining a balance between the material and spiritual progress in life is actually more fruitful not only for personal growth but also for the relations and the society as a whole. He also pointed out that the development and modernity has brought about disrespect for our culture. With little games and witty remarks, he also provided us with little exercises through which we can shape our mind and direct the controls. The most easy and effective one was controlling the rhythm of the breath. Breath-the essence of life directly relates to the mind. The other one was dhyana or meditation to sharpen our focus.

The ease and interaction of this talk enabled everyone to get an indepth insight on the topic. I personally feel very motivated and enlightened. Mr. Rohit Ranjan’s talk was a source of  guidance and inspiration to many others as well. Pooja, a first year Philosophy student said that she was also looking forward to attend the YES+ workshops that are also to be arranged.

Our  scientific logic predominates every horizon except that of the soul. The objective life has deprived us of time for ourselves. So we should, at times, drown into the sea of the mind and experience the might of this endless expanse. This vast, pacific, endless expanse of the mind.


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