Rohit Ranjan’s Talk on ‘Mind too Matters!’

By Mallika Batra

“Oh God!  Look at these serious faces around me! I simply can’t start!”

This was the introduction to Mr. Rohit Ranjan’s talk on “Mind too matters”. He indeed got us laughing after creating awareness about ourselves and he definitely left us convinced that the mind does matter and there is a greater need to control the mind. Our state of mind can either aid or hinder our efforts to achieve whatever it is that we want in life.

He tried to enlighten us about the difference between the mind and the intellect. The mind includes our emotions, impulses, desires and the intellect is our power of reasoning and deciding between what is right and wrong. In most cases than not it is the mind which leads us astray and wrecks havoc in our lives; someone passes a nasty remark about you and you spend the rest of the week thinking about it, your friend doesn’t reply to your message just once and you get upset by it. This again obstructs your work.

We’ve attended numerous seminars on stress management, time management, how to study and all of them try to teach us the same thing: how to have a happier, healthier and a more well rounded life by focusing on our mental, physical and more importantly spiritual growth thereby making us more effective and our lives simpler.

Be here right now!……. I’m writing this article right now but my mind is elsewhere thinking about why I didn’t apply for the debating society in time. Mr. Ranjan talked about how we tend to live in the past or the future and ignore the present which is wrong. The things he told us we had most definitely heard before but the way he expressed himself was what made a world of difference. He could completely relate to us and what he said  did appeal. The examples he illustrated were moments that we all experienced at one point of time.

We are often distracted and unable to concentrate because our mind is somewhere else, despite having the ability to concentrate we are unable to perform well. We are upset by trifle and relatively insignificant things simply because of our inability to control the mind.

Now the question is how to control the mind? The answer to this lies in things like meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises and techniques which can be learnt and need enormous amount of practice and patience. The Art of Living foundation which Mr. Ranjan represented is an NGO which teaches some of these techniques.

We have all been a victim of emotional turmoil, lack of concentration, exams gone bad at some point of time because our mind plays truant with us. So the conclusion would be that controlling the mind would inevitably reduce most if not all of one’s problems not because they magically disappear but because of the way we look at them with a calmer, clearer mind and enable us to find solutions instead of brooding over the problem for hours and hours by increasing the strength of the mind.

These ancient techniques apart from helping us connect to our roots help us rejuvenate and energise ourselves and improve efficiency by introducing a sense of peace and calm in our lives. They help us introspect and ask essential questions about the purpose of our being and to have a clear distinction between what we want and what we need, what are the most important things in our lives and what we are running after.

We all want to bring out the best in us and I feel that it all begins with the mind. If we are able to control our mind then we can redefine the boundaries that we create for ourselves and bring out the best of our abilities.


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