From the Editors’ Desk

At LSR, being a vehement advocate of the rights of women is an easy stereotype to fulfill  While defending our rights and liberties is something anyone can do, we at the Psychology Department decided to delve a little deeper. We decided to examine the psyche of a woman. We threw questions at each other and wondered at the lack, or conversely, the length of the answers we received. What drives a woman to indulge in the painful exercise of waxing every month? How negatively or positively does she perceive her body relative to others? What if a (gasp) boy were to take admission to LSR?! We all know women are ‘complicated’, but what happens when you try to unravel that complexity? This newsletter tackles all these questions and much more..

In addition to a new theme, the newsletter also underwent some other changes. Supported by a formal and dedicated team of Editors, Correspondents and Designers from all three years, this edition of the newsletter brings together both- extensive research and detailed conceptualisation. Sometimes, we had more meetings to discuss the newsletter in one week than there are stages in Freud’s theory of personality development! It’s been hectic, it’s been a race against time (and deadlines! Let’s not forget deadlines)..but it’s been a rewarding and fulfilling journey.

We also used the newsletter to as a platform to discuss the upcoming Mental Health Awareness Week, being organised by the Psychology Department. Hopefully, some of the articles should provide a glimpse into what the event holds in store for us.

Read this newsletter and dive into the workings of a woman’s brain, re-evaluate some preconceptions, break..or maybe make some stereotypes and myths-old and new. Enjoy!


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