Bust the Beer: Advertisement Analysis

Bust the Beer: Advertisement Analysis

By Divyanshi Chugh

Advertisement Analysis: Product-Beer

As an Average testosterone-charged viewer of the beer advertisement, from plunging necklines, rising hemlines and bare waistlines to heaving ‘assets’ and billowing cleavage, from tummy tightly tucked in, to the well-cut butt of the rather skinny bikini blonde babe, from a wheatish ‘item’ pouring beer all over her body to a cowgirl with a hat, beer and most prominently a ‘push up’, from Tollywood’s ‘maal’ with wealths of skin asking to ‘Taste-extra’ to beer dripping out of the nipples, from a seductive ‘beer-bitch’ with her thumbs tucked in the panties trying to lower the laces, to shades of nude-ness craving for that ‘average’ looking man, you can expect three traditions: sexually evocative women, beer sex-toys and creative sexual analogies.

Given this, I could have chosen any brand, any ad and delved upon the rather obvious objectization of women in those. But I would rather through an objective lens, allow a rational mind to step-by-step analyse an advertisement where there is no apparent ‘objectization’ or sexual element involved.


The Ad: (Click on http://www.inspirational-quotes-short-funny-stuff.com/images/funny-beer-ads-tuborg-ads-bachelor-party.jpg)

Brand: Tuborg

Description: “Bachelor Party” depiction: a beer bottle, centred by seven new-fangled beer bottles, exclusive of its labels has an opener by the side of it.


What is a Bachelor’s Party? ‘Planned by the friends of the groom, a bachelor party is held shortly before marriage to celebrate the groom’s “last night of freedom”.

How does the bachelor party relate to bottles of beer?

Yes, alcohol  is an imperative constituent of parties as well as a youth’s life.  But when it is a ‘bachelor party’, quite stereotypically it involves activities beyond the usual party and social gathering ‘usual-suspects’ like alcohol, such as hiring a stripper .

The following equations extort out of the aforesaid configuration:

Undressed Bottle=Woman;

Spruce Beers=Men;

Opener: The party begins!

In the advertisement, the centre-of-attraction for the ‘well-dressed’ bottles is a ‘nude’ bottle. Men and the woman, both are compared to objects. So if there is “objectization of a woman”, there is objectization of men as well.  What’s the difference?

The difference is that the ‘woman’ is not ‘clothed’. The ‘Men’ are. The sexual aspect is implied only about the woman amidst the gentlemen.

Application of Classical Conditioning:

Classical Conditioning is the association of two external stimuli, i.e. the neutral stimulus associates with the unconditioned stimuli that naturally elicits a physiological/emotional response.

In the advertisement, the product or the brand is the neutral stimulus and the positive stimulus i.e. the ‘nude’ woman is paired to condition the consumer attitude to the product: Beer.

Does it achieve the purpose? Yes.

Evaluation: Effective in reaching the Mass Audience

Conclusion: Though the ad didn’t unequivocally hold any explicit sexual content. But through the course of our analysis, we found the implicitly embedded connotation of the woman as a disgraced ‘stripped’ object. The advertisement uses the pre-existing mental schemas of women in social perception and plays on the desires of the lust-driven men. Classical conditioning leads to ‘commodification’ of women, though brand-visibility increases. It is a two-way causal relationship: social perception reinforces advertisers to play upon it and advertisements affect social perception. Ah, the social cost of the commercialization, the social underpinning of commercialization!

And so we can conclude!

Customer base: Men [Though women drink too, and almost half as much as men!]

Focus: On catching men’s sentiments, stirring the balls

Purpose: Increase sales, increase brand visibility

Unique Selling Proposition: Creativity, Imagination, Implicit Sexual Element

There is nothing called right or wrong. What my superego permits is right to me; what yours does, is ethical to you. Morals are internalized through traditional/societal values and ideals. When advertisements propagate scantily-clad women as objects, the notion normalizes for men and women alike. I don’t condemn sexual imagery, but their association with objects. It doesn’t matter what you see. It matters what it is! Right, Schneider? (Click: http://marketinghackz.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/capture-thumb16.jpg)


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