Feminism from the Male Perspective

Feminism from a Male Perspective

By Aastha Sethi

For a change these days we have a reverse trend in commercials and literature about the man being subject to ‘torture.’ From tolerating nosy girlfriends to being used as “boy-toys” we see women actually get sadistic pleasure in saying ,”Why should boys have all the fun?”

So open the door for a woman and she may blast you to bits for considering her inferior  and incapable of doing it on her own . Don’t open the door and you are a male chauvinist pig. Oh boy! It’s a tough life.

The above caricature is a representation of an all new term “Feminazism.” A term popularized by conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, the term refers specifically to advocacy for abortion rights as being a sort of miniature holocaust, because “it’s almost comparable to what happened during World War II.”

As used by others(read males), it most often refers to a female chauvinist. (That is, a woman who believes that all women are innately superior to all men.) Accusations of “Feminazism” are often leveled at prominent women whom the speaker does not agree with, especially if they happen to actually be radical feminists.

While there are radical feminists, for instance, it was quite hilarious to see a girl in shorts and spaghetti studying in LSR who has her personal chauffeur driven car telling me how the world is so “oppressive” to women. This may be a stray amusing case however the term often has a sexist connotation and is extended to all feminists.

In this time when women in our country are molested in public because they dress ‘provocatively’, women at senior posts admit that their work is very difficult because even their subordinates can see them only to be fit for the kitchen. A woman is expected to and supposed to give up her career for her kids and most of the time she does, this term sounds too far-fetched. It seems that it’s more a product of male insecurity because of growing female influence. Feminazism compares women to Nazis for living life on their own terms, for refusing to succumb to stereotypes created for how women should dress, sit walk, talk and what not? In my opinion there should be a healthy balance. Stretching feminism too far defeats the very purpose of sensitizing people to women rights and sounds like useless banter. It is something like “information overload”. In psychological terms it means that presenting an information in excess makes it lose its credibility.

Also mocking feminism and giving it such negative connotations leads to negativity and inequality in the society.  Feminism should be handled with a tactical approach or else it will become just another issue swept under the rug .


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