Myths about menstruation

Myths about Menstruation

by Anupriya Jain 

We’ve all heard myths about menstruation. Sometimes we know the myths are just that – myths. Then there are times when we’re not sure, and times when we just believe the myth. How many of these myths have you believed?

MYTH #1 The girl is untouchable or impure and so is prohibited from visiting or participating in religious activities.

In earlier days, when people had zero knowledge about menstruation, they thought that this was some punishment by the Gods. That is NOT true. The most important thing that needs to be taken care of nowadays is the need to maintain proper hygiene. As long as that is taken care of, you are free to do as you please.

MYTH #2: Don’t make or go near perishable things (like ‘achaar’) stored in the house.

This is a statement that is so often said in India households that one is often tempted into believing it. First things first, do you really think that there could be ANY relation whatsoever between your menstrual cycle and the perishable things in your house? Of course not! It’s not some bacterial disease that will spread with contact. There is no harm involved. Again, proper hygiene should be the only thing you should be worried about!

MYTH #3: You shouldn’t exercise during your periods

Please don’t say you haven’t learnt anything from all those rock-climbing, city-hopping females in the Stayfree ads. The above isn’t true at all. As a matter of fact, light exercises or yoga improve blood circulation in the body assisting you physically during your periods. Also, this keeps you accustomed to a little physical activity if the need arises.

MYTH #4: You must have your periods once a month

This is one of those statements that has a ‘should’ to it. This may be said because irregular periods might be more painful, but there is no ‘must’ to this. Periods can get delayed due to factors like stress, or an unbalanced diet especially low on iron. You never know they might be getting delayed because you are too bothered about them being delayed! So sit back and relax!

MYTH #5: Delaying periods now and then with medication is not a big deal

It IS a big deal. Young girls or working women are known to delay their periods for an upcoming trek or trip which might require them to be completely hassle-free and extremely active. Please try and avoid this as much as you can. It is not right to meddle with the natural bodily functions, and a cycle once disrupted might take long to get back on track.




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